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You knew it had to happen sometime.

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I thought I would go ahead and get it out of the way this week.

Blue, the dog, is the ultimate SOTW and companion. He reminds me to see the playful side of things and to stay active. He is kind, he is sensitive and his favorite pose is Downward Dog with Upward Facing Dog following with a close second. He really likes Reverse Triangle Pose too! (Just kidding, no one likes Reverse Triangle.)

Blue loves to be involved in the action. He has made several appearances on the show. Most notably in the Halloween Episode- Corpse Pose and of course in Downward Facing Dog.

Blue often lays on the mat before we shoot and he is constantly finding a place (usually in the middle) to snuggle on my mat when I am floating through my personal practice.

Blue and I practice with Shiva Rea

Blue and I practice with Shiva Rea

I love my sweet Blue Heeler. I cherish him and thank the heavens for his companionship, his loyalty and deep abiding love. Play! Play! Follow Blue’s advice and don’t forget to play!

So there we have it. Its done. It will never happen again. Student of the Week- Man’s Best Friend Edition.

photo (53)

Capture a picture of your best friend on the mat?

F-IT! Share it with me! I may just have a Student Of The Week- Mans Best Friend SECOND Edition.

I make the rules right???

Adriene Mishler and Blue Heeler

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