7 Easy Steps to DNA Activation

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dna activation

So, you’re interested in DNA Activation? Try these 7 Easy Steps to DNA Activation brought to us by the folks at Maya:

Step One: Find a comfortable position. Keep your spine straight, legs uncrossed, and relax any tense muscles in your body. (I have the music playing at this time)

Step Two: Head-and-neck exercises. Do each of the following three times: head forward, head backward, head to the right shoulder, head to the left shoulder, rotate head in a complete circle clockwise, rotate head in a complete circle counterclockwise. Do not strain or force.

Step Three: Deep breathing exercises. Fill lungs from bottom to top, exhale from top to bottom. Breathe in through your right nostril and out through your mouth; repeat three times. Breathe in through your left nostril and out through your right; repeat three times. (while doing this, feel the white light that eminated inside of all of us. This light will continue to grow and will become contagious when others are in our presence)

Step Four: Special meditation aids as desired. Music, incense, chants, personal rituals, inspirational reading, prayers, and the prayer of protection. (I use a meditation song, “Heart of Reiki”.)

Step Five: Focus on the affirmation. This is where you can create your own affirmation: “Dear Family Spirit of the Universe. I want to drop my old vows and wish to take the vow of masterhood to the benefit of all humanity. I give permission for the energies to change within me to activate the ascension layer of my DNA.” Move through the three stages of focusing on the affirmation: thinking about it, feeling it, experiencing it. Return to the thinking stage whenever the mind wanders. Allow ten to fifteen minutes for Step Five.

Step Six: Decision making. Test any tentative decisions you have made according to the decision-making exercise. (yes or no question(s))

Step Seven: Healing prayer. Send out light and constructive energies to the people on your personal prayer list. (pray for those you love and for those who need help)

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