6 Meditation Timers to Help Go Deeper

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Meditation TimersUpdated January 28, 2014.

Meditation timers are the easiest way to help you reach deep states of meditation quickly. You can use one of the free online meditation timers below to help you to let go, without having to worry about the passing of time.

How do Meditation Timers Help?

  • Meditate anytime you have, even during the shortest break.
  • Let yourself be guided into a state of meditation more quickly.
  • Rest assured that you’ll be gently reminded when to return.
  • Come back to your day feeling refreshed and revived.

Three simple steps:

  1. Simply click on any of the timers below for your desired length of time.
  2. Begin your meditation when you hear the last bell chime.
  3. Three Tibetan bells will gently guide you back at the end of your session.

6 Meditation Timers

Timer with Tibetan Bell Chime Only:

15 Minute  –  Timer

30 Minute  –  Timer

45 Minute – Timer


Timer with Tibetan Bells and Nature’s Bliss Music:

15 Minute Timer with Music

30 Minute Timer with Music

45 Minute Timer with Music

Which meditation timer works best for you? Please leave your comments below. 

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