15 min Freedom Flow!

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Everyone is different. Beautiful. Uniquely built. Everyone has their own way of doing things, their own rhythm, their own breath. Independent. Here is a practice that not only reminds us of that – but celebrates it.

For me, as a teacher, libra, perfectionist, artist – there are two aspects of this notion that when considered together invite and allow freedom. Two sides of the coin baby. On one side I encourage you (practically demand you!) to BE YOURSELF. Be your true authentic awesome self! Seriously, what can be better that being you? Rock it and wave it proud!

(Cue star spangled banner by Aerosmith now. Or your favorite band. Wait, Aerosmith is not my favorite band, just good and seemed suitable.)

On this side I invite you to find what feels good as a way to really explore your body- not the body of the person next to you- but your dang body – your vessel, your sensations, your titillations, your struggles. Through yoga practice I believe we can strip away at the blocks, the burdens and toxic thoughts and begin to really get to know how we feel, who we are and how we can live as the best versions of ourselves.

Flip! (the coin)

On the other side I feel it is important for us to take those same principles of self discovery and apply that to learning the form and educating yourself. Vowing to always be a student of life- an avid learner- and starting with (not completely forgetting!) the self. Work from the inside out.  I often find that in order to be free we also must educate ourself and learn the form. In order to break the rules- we must learn the rules, right? This allows us to trust ourselves, our intuition and to feel confident. Also, in Yoga it keeps us safe. The good kind of safe. Only by learning and digesting the form can we be free. I feel like this applies to almost everything that I do. Only by doing all of my research and learning my way can I relax, listen and enjoy my craft or my practice.

Also, the keyword is, and will always be, practice.

For me these two things move together. Like the sun and moon. Yin and yang. Two peas in a pod? When I take the time to plant my feet strong, mindfully and allow my body to stack up in my alignment then I am able to feel supportive and comfortable enough to EXPLORE and find that unique self expression. Yes, permission to be yourself! (Goodbye depression!) Only through that exploration will I ever find what I am looking for… that sweet sweet freedom.

Here we have an opportunity to look away from the screen and just let it flow. Break the rules, fall behind, speed up, get your groove on Stella. Get it.

Use this practice or pick one pose from this practice to learn and practice a strong foundation. Once you have your foundation- take a deep breath and surprise yourself- even micro movements of self expression can be milestones.

Practice. Apply. Repeat. Let it Ring!

Be Safe. Have Fun. Be Free.

Happy Independence Day,



Ps- Here is me pulling the ol switcharoo and finding the FORM in the FREEDOM at the Trapiche winery in Mendoza, Argentina! See, I break all the rules!

photo (78)

In the beautiful lawn of the beautiful Trapiche Winery in Mendoza, Argentina.

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