Dock Lighting With LED Strip Lights

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Flexfire LEDs ColorBright Strip Lights

Dock Lighting With LED Strip Lights

An American family living in a lake float house in Tennessee, USA wanted an aesthetically pleasant lighting solution that would improve safety and visibility during nighttime swimming activities. Their main safety concern is that it’s difficult for nearby boat operators to see people swimming in the lake. The family worked with us throughout the entire process, ultimately choosing Flexfire LEDs ColorBright RGB outdoor strip lights with waterproof protection. They lined their swimming platform with 20 meters of RGB 5050 IP68 LEDs, setting the strips on a continuous color-changing loop.

The clients are extremely happy with the results, and often receive compliments on the striking exterior of their home. Best of all, they are now able to safely swim in the lake and fully enjoy the perks of their location during warm summer evenings.

Choose one of our convenient Flexfire LEDs strip light kits to suit the appropriate brightness, length and color of your LED dock lighting project:

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